The current model of the Student Leadership Program Brunswick will be discontinued at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.  Information provided in the FAQ’s will no longer be applicable after July 2021.  A new model of the program will be rolled out in early 2021 that will begin during the 2021-2022 academic year.  Once more information is available about the new model of SLP the website will be updated to reflect the changes.

The application opens on the SLP website mid-February each fall for sophomore students.  All eligible students interested in applying for SLP must apply through the website during the open application period.

The Student Leadership Program in Appleton is open to sophomore, juniors and senior students at Brunswick High School and Glynn Academy. Students must apply to the program during their freshman year of high school during the application window in the spring.

Approximately fifty freshman students are accepted each year.

Students who are selected for SLP will be in the program for three years during their sophomore, junior and senior years of high school.

Due to the structure of the program, students are only eligible to apply during their freshman year.

SLP teaches students with the important work ready and leadership skills necessary to be successful in today’s competitive employment market. These skills are taught through fun and energetic leadership workshops.  SLP also exposes students to high demand career opportunities at companies and businesses in Glynn County.  Click here to learn more about the different learning experiences in SLP.

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SLP meets six times during the school year. There is a Kickoff Celebration each fall, four Leadership Sessions and a Year-End Celebration. Sophomore and junior students will have two additional summer opportunities including SLP Serves and a summer experience trip.

Part of being in SLP is being fully committed.  Students who are selected for SLP will sign a commitment form along with their parents that outlines the requirements for program completion and to graduate from SLP.  Students who do not meet the requirements may be removed from the program.

There is no cost students to apply or for students who are selected for SLP.  All program costs are covered by Gulfstream and the program sponsors.

The six SLP events are held during the school day. SLP Serves and the summer experience trips are held during the summer.  Students will be excused from school to attend SLP events that take place during school.

Transportation is provided from your school to all SLP events.

SLP sessions are held at different locations in Glynn County.

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A teacher adviser is a teacher from your school that is assigned to your class in SLP. They will be responsible for reminding you about upcoming SLP events, regularly communicating with you about SLP and serving as your chaperone to all SLP events.

A community adviser is a business or community leader who volunteers with SLP. They are assigned to a group to mentor, co-facilitate the leadership workshops and provide valuable experience and advice to students in the program?

All students and volunteers will be given an SLP shirt and name tag.