Students are provided opportunities to stay engaged with SLP during the summer.  Summer SLP opportunities include the Sophomore Summer Experience Trip, Junior Summer Experience Trip and SLP Serves.

The Sophomore Summer Experience Trip is a two-day one-night trip that focuses on college and career tours in different parts of Georgia and takes between sophomore and junior year.

The Junior Summer Experience Trip is a four-day three-night trip to Washington D.C. focusing on leadership and citizenship in our nation’s capital.

SLP Serves is a one-day event where students will go to local non-profit organizations in the Glynn County community to learn about issues in their community and contribute to making their community a better place.

Upcoming Summer Programs

SLP Savannah sophomore and junior students will visit Carowinds Amusement and Water Park on Friday, June 11.  The deadline to register is Sunday, May 9.  The itinerary for the trip will be posted on the website in mid-May.  Registration for this trip is closed.