Become a Community Advisor

Community Advisers serve as volunteer mentors to students in SLP.  All mentoring in SLP is facilitated at SLP events and in a group setting with other teachers and community advisers.  Serving as a community adviser is a rewarding experience to make a difference in the lives of students in the community and to network with other teacher and community advisers.

Community Advisers are assigned a specific group of students to mentor and facilitate leadership workshop activities at each SLP session.  All activities and materials will be provided to advisers in advance of each session.  Community advisers must be at least 20 years old and complete the required online training.

There are five SLP events throughout the academic year which take place during the day at different businesses and locations in the Fox Valley.  Community Advisers should be able to commit to attending at least four of the events.  SLP events include the Kick-Off Celebration, Explore Sessions (three per year) and the Year-End Celebration.  There are also opportunities for Community Advisers to participate in the SLP Summer Programs which include SLP Serves community service day and Summer Experience Trip.

Serve as an Explore Session Host

Companies and businesses can support the Student Leadership Program by serving as an Explore Session Host.  SLP partners with three different companies each year to host an Explore Session at one of their facilities.  As an Explore Session Host, the company will work with the SLP team to design a tour experience of their company for students to learn about the company, career opportunities, educational requirements for jobs and the culture of the company.  The company should be able to host 150 students and provide a light breakfast and lunch to SLP students and volunteers.  To learn more about SLP and how to become a host company for a future Explore Session to create awareness about your company and showcase career opportunities to high school students, reach out to Kyle Redner.

In-Kind Donations

Individuals and organizations can support the Student Leadership Program through gifts-in-kind.  Suggestions for in-kind donations include meals, venue space, prizes, etc.  For more information on in-kind donations, contact Kyle Redner.

Financial Sponsorship

Organizations can support the Student Leadership Program through financial sponsorships of SLP events and programs throughout the year.  Funding opportunities include Kickoff keynote speaker, Year End Celebration keynote speaker, transportation to SLP events, Summer Experience Trip, and Kickoff and Year End Celebration meals.  For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact Kyle Redner.